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Amirah Saryati is Ex MRSM Taiping student, batch 2005-2006 currently pursuing medical course in IMU- International Medical School, Bangalore, India.

Amirah Saryati current status, she is currently on a leave of absence from her medical studies at MSU - International Medical School (IMS), Bangalore Campus, India to undergo the aforementioned surgery. She has appealed for 6 months of medical leave, which would end in March 2012. Therefore she needs to do the surgery as soon as possible to be able to continue her deferred studies.

She has consulted an Orthopedic Surgeon at a government hospital (PPUKM, KL) ; and the waiting list for the required surgery for her is scheduled in September 2012. The Surgeon has then referred her case to private hospital. The new date for the operation is on 6th December 2011 at KPJ TAWAKKAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, No. 1, Jalan Pahang Barat, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

History of her illness is well documented in her email correspondence with an Orthopedic Consultant pasted below:

Doctor, I think I will start the history from the day the condition was discovered, and what had happened back then.

As it was told by my father.. I was born premature (8 months) back in the year 1989. At that time, I was kept in an incubator for one and a half months at Hospital Taiping, during which there was widespread infection found to infect many newborns at the Hospital. I am not sure of what infective organism or what infection, but most cases were fatal.

I was one of the babies who got infected. The doctor had made two complete blood tranfusions while I was in the incubator, and started with antibiotic treatment IV.I spent one and a half months in the incubator, and about 2 months in the Pediatric Ward.

After I was discharged, my family brought me for a routine checks at the same hospital, during which the Pediatrician (Dr. Revathi, curently in Hospital P.Pinang) in charge discovered about the dislocation. They put a hip spica cast and referred my case to HKL.

I spent 2 years in HKL (1990 - 91).. The Orthopaedic Surgeon was Dr. Ang. In HKL they did a surgery on my hips (Femoral Osteotomy (?) ) to put a screw/nail to position the femoral head in the hip socket. But the attempt failed according to my father.Now I have scars on both the lateral side of the thighs, and a deep depression on the left side.

Therefore I am not sure, whether it is a primary CDH or CDH due to hip/acetabulum dysplasia secondary to neonatal osteomyelitis.

As far as what I could recall, and according to what my father has told me, there was no any major symptom between the age of 5 y.o until 15 y.o.. I went to school normally,but I excluded myself from involving in any strenuous physical activities especially during Physical Education.

I was admitted at Hospital Taiping when I was 10 y.o. for checkup, but there was no any further treatment done or any complication occurs.

When I was in Form 4 (16y.o.), I was in a boarding school where the school compound is quite big that I had to walk a lot and climbed stairs everyday.

Since then I started to take analgesic (Ibuprofen 5mg) due to development of pain in the hip. The pain was mild and tolerable, subsided by taking analgesic.

16 y.o. till 18 y.o. the similar type of pain developed but the pain occurs more frequently when I walked and I took similar painkiller for relief.

19 y.o I started my studies in Medical School in Bangalore. As I walked maximally, the pain intensity had started increasing, it radiates to the thigh and associated with mild back pain.

I have changed the analgesic to Diclofenac Sodium 5mg.

For the past 2 years, the pain intensity has increased that I would rate it 7 / 10.

It has radiated to the knee and sometimes to the ankle joint.

I now sleep on the right side only as pressure on the left hip causes pain and I hardly make the first step of walking in the morning if I sleep on the left side.

The back pain is increasing, and I doubt if I have lordosis because my back is abnormally curved (however I have not done any Xray ) I wear elbow-crutch during clinical postings. I started to perform my solat on a chair.

I have been taking analgesic almost everyday now. As I have developed tolerance to Ibuprofen and Diclofenac, I now alternately take Tramadol or Lornoxicam SR.. However the pain does not subsided on taking the medication anymore.

My hometown is in Melaka.

I hope this information would provide enlightenment about my problem for further assessment and plan on your side.

P.S. : I CC this email to my father for any more information that you may need during my childhood year or any plan to be discussed together, insyaAllah.

Thank you.


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